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How To Do Precision Drilling at Home

The electric drill was probably one of the handiest items ever invented to help the do-it-yourself. But many handymen still have trouble with accurate 90 deg. or angle drilling and tricky jobs like drilling round stock or edge sanding. The fact is, few of us are gifted with the steady hands and precision judgement these […]

home renovation blog Tool Maintenance What To Oil

Some of the areas around your home that need regular lubrication are hinges, door locks, garage doors, windows, sliding door tracks. Some electric motors and appliances and tools for home and workshop. Assemble a basic kit of lubricants so you can do these jobs regularly. The items you will need are light household oil, powdered […]

home renovation Start Your Own Compost Bin

Starting your own compost heap uses up very little space or time and reward you with ample hygienic, useful humus to nourish your garden or vegetable plot. The heap can be set up in any out-of-the-way corner. A bin is neater than an open heap and there are a number of commercially-made bins you can […]

handyman licence Expert Advice on Installing And Maintaining Gutters

Gutters are installed at the edges of roofs, and downpipes are connected to them to carry water from the roof, away from the house. If gutters are not installed or are defective, water collects around house foundations, washes away soil and plants and creates damp problems inside the house. Gutters are made from a variety […]

home maintenance sutherland shire Build Shelves at Home, Easy Steps

No home can have too much shelf space. This unit is a convenient tall design, which provides a lot of shelf room without taking up a great deal of floor space. It can be made from 16mrn or 18mm particleboard. If desired you can use particleboard with a bonded veneer finish which requires no further […]

sydney cbd plastering DIY Top Tip – Build Pergolas, Deck, Patio

When building Patios, not all paving has to be laid with mortar. A variety of modern paving materials is available for the handyman to lay without special skills or training. The durability of the finished job depends on the sub base underneath. It should be firm and smooth, (N B. If the finished job is going […]

handyman company name ideas Fence Installation Expert Advice

The most common type of fencing in Australia is timber, with closely spaced palings being among the most popular choices. Many timber species are suitable for fencing including the naturally durable mixed hardwoods, preservative treated radiata pine, Californian redwood and western red cedar. Other species of timber can be used if you plan to paint […]

handyman services list Lawn Maintenance and Garden Structures Tips

The garden shed has certainly come a long way. From being only a storage centre, and not a very glamorous one at that, a new breed has emerged. These good-looking steel or aluminium buildings are suitable for pool storage and as dressing sheds; for hobby workshops, and secure storage for all the accessories related to […]

best handyman sydney You Can Create An Artificial Brick Wall…yes you can

With the fashion for renovating old houses has come an appreciation of the decorative value of traditional surfaces like brick and sandstone. But stripping a wall back to its original brick is fraught with hazards. As well as the fuss and mess, there is the risk of disappointment if the wall is made of odd […]

handyman sydney south Bathroom Carpet Rug Do-It-Yourself lil Project

Bathroom carpet has quite a few advantages. It is warm underfoot, softer if you drop anything and is quieter than tiles. It is also about the only way to change the look of a bathroom floor without the mess and expense of taking up old tiles and putting down new ones, so bathroom carpet can […]

Best Ways to Keep Your Carpets Clean

The best way to keep carpet looking good is with regular care and attention. Don’t allow the carpet to get too dirty before you take steps to freshen it up as some discolouration can become permanent. There are two stages to good carpet care regular maintenance and emergency treatment for spills and stains. New carpet […]

Fixing A Dripping Tap

Few things can be more irritating than the drip-drip-drip of a leaking tap, usually in the middle of the night. A constant drip also wastes many litres of water and will stain a sink or bath after a time. All you need to fix the drip is a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench, plus a […]

Fix a Leaking Pipe

Leaks in drain pipes and water supply pipes can be stopped up with epoxy glue. If possible, shut of the water to that section of the pipe either at the stop, or at the mains. Then clean around the leak and allow it to dry before applying the epoxy. Thorough drying is essential to get […]

How to install a doorbell

Although there are doorbells, which are air operated, called manual doorbells, most are now operated by low voltage supplied from batteries or a transformer. They comprise a bell or chime unit located on an inside wall, usually near the door, a push-button outside on the door frame at about an adult’s chest-height, and twin bell […]

What is Plumbing

Although the plumbing in your home may seem complicated, it really comes down to two simple systems: one for bringing water to your home and another to draw away waste and used water. In coming water supply. see photo.The most common kinds of pipes used in homes are copper and galvanized iron. Plastic piping is […]

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home repair handyman Installed a Lock …Now What

Two of the most common locks which can be installed by a home handyman are the mortise lock, which is recessed into the face of the door; and rim locks, mounted on the face of the door. For security, both locks should feature a deadlock mechanism, which triggers the lock automatically when the door is […]

handyman home renovation expo sydney Workshops & Home Improvement Safety

Accidents don’t just -happen- they have causes and the causes can usually be removed. By working and acting with safety in mind you can prevent many accidents so it is up to you to develop safe habits and not be tempted by unsafe short cuts. Remember these points and your workshop will be a much […]

home renovations sydney Maintain a Boat Your Boat in Sydney Waters

Fibreglass is the common name which describes a combination of Polyester resin with glass fibre reinforcement used in your boat. Fibreglass hulls and combings can be maintained with a fibreglass repair kit. This usually comprises polyester resin and hardener in separate containers, inert filler for making polyester putty, chopped strand fibreglass mat and clean-up solvent. […]

Easy Roof Repair and Fix Roof Leaks

Damp patches on walls and ceilings are signs that your roof needs attention. Water entering a house can do a lot of expensive damage. However, finding the leak can be difficult, as water does not always enter the roof just above the damp patch Often it travels some distance along the roof timbers before it […]

jim's handyman Re-Caulk Your Bathtub, Here’s how….

With time, joints around sinks, basins and baths can deteriorate. This makes cleaning difficult and also lets water seep between sink and wall, causing possible damage, which may not become obvious until too late. Use a putty knife and the edge of a narrow scraper to remove all grit, grease and fragments of grout or […]

home maintenance sutherland shire Repair a Lawn and Ways to Replant Grass

A well-kept green lawn not only adds to the appearance of your home, it prevents soil erosion, does not transmit noise as do hard surfaces, and produces oxygen. Because a lawn is a permanent feature of your home, it should be planned and planted with thought and care. The stages in planting a lawn are: […]

spinners sydney Safe Handling of Waste Disposal‎

Garbage Cans. Putting out the rubbish is nobody’s favorite job but at least it is being made easier with accessories such as a portable foldaway barrow designed to hold a full bin without stooping to lift it on. You just wheel it out effortlessly. Include the bin in weekly clean-ups by lining with plastic liner […]

hire a hubby Aussie Lawn Mower Care Guide

Once upon a time you couldn’t mow wet grass, or grass on slopes or under bushes. Now there are power mowers that do all these things with much less work than before. When shopping for a power mower make sure it has the horsepower and cutting width for your needs without being larger and more […]

handyman services review A Handyman’s Guide to Prunning Plants, Trees

Pruning trees is more than trimming overgrown plants. It is (or should be) an imitation of nature’s own practice of removing weak branches, thinning out limbs, which get in each others way, and removing overlong shoots. All this strengthens the tree and increases the production of foliage, flowers and fruit. All pruning equipment should be […]

handyman service company Maintenance of Your Swimming Pool Tip and Instructions

Keeping your pool sparkling clean calls for regular attention to filtration and the chemical balance of the water. The filter alone only removes particles suspended in the water, while the chemical treatment keeps bacteria and algae in check. Filtration. Basically, the filtration system consists of the skimmer box which continually skims off floating leaves and […]

handyman services castle hill Your Boat Motor Running Smoothly?.. Outboard Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is the key to a long, trouble-free relationship with your outboard motor. The golden rule is to keep the motor clean always. After each trip take time to spray thoroughly with a water repellent, rust preventative spray. Your owner’s manual may tell you the motor is treated with corrosion preventatives but the extra care […]

How To Build a Children’s Playroom Chalkboard

If children are not given some surface to scribble on, sooner or later they may decide to experiment with your expensive wall surfaces. A blackboard is easily made and gives hours of pleasure to children of all ages. This one is made from 6mm thick particleboard or plywood. Assemble the materials listed and follow the […]

sydney metro handyman services Building a BBQ That Won’t Carry Smoke

Even the smallest garden can usually accommodate a barbecue, even if only a small portable unit. Where there is room, permanent structures can be built of masonry, cement blocks or bricks­. Decorative stone can be used but it is recommended that the firebox be lined with brick, as some stones disintegrate in extreme heat. The […]

handyman services sydney cbd How To Wall Hanging Anything Guide

There are about as many gadgets to help you hang things on walls, as there are walls and things to be hung. What you use and where depends on the construction of the wall and the weight the hanger must support. For example, there are many self-stick hangers that have an adhesive backing that you […]

handyman services sydney Framing A Wall – Here Are The Steps

If a large room is to be divided into two smaller ones or a garage is to be turned into living space, you will need timber framing either on the wall or located where the partition is to go. Over this framing goes the wallboard or other finish so the frame is the skeleton of […]

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builders sutherland shire Sutherland Shire Handyman License

A handy man in The Sutherland Shire might be understood to be somebody who’s a port of which includes multitudinous smallish but really vital undertakings around your house. Without regarding additional experts common renovator finishes them and don’t excavate a pit in patron’s wallet As much potentiality handymen have which might pull you as well […]

handyman in sutherland shire Hiring a Handyman in The Sutherland Shire

Obtaining the title and details of an outstanding renovator for your house enhancement wants is almost essential for lots of people. A handy man in Sutherland is typically able enough to look after some fundamental occupations that include several different sorts of home improvement undertakings. Say a renovator may normally deal with fundamental pipes issues […]

Marketing Tips For Sutherland Handyman Business Owners

If you’re a handy man company owner in The Sutherland Shire and you are seeking to reap the benefits of Pareto’s theory (regularly known as the 80/20 guideline or regulations of the essential few), you may want to understand the most notable 4 promotion strategies for efficiently encouraging your handy man company. By concentrating on […]

property maintenance sutherland Nail Guns For Handyman in The Sutherland Shire

You will find two main varieties of nail-guns, air-driven and electrical. While the Air-Driven nailers utilize pressurized fuel for higher electricity output signal Removable lithium batteries are generally used by electric nail guns. The Air-Driven nail-gun is perfect for individuals who want to put it to use regularly for heavy duty perform. Yet much less […]

handyman services sutherland shire Handyman Sutherland Shire Questions & Answers

What exactly does handy man’s occupation? A handy man is someone proficient in many mending, usually round your home. These undertakings contain business abilities, fixing work, care work, equally inside and outdoor, and so are from time to time referred to as “odd-jobs. I desire a cost listing for typical handy man occupations? You can […]

handyman sutherland shire nsw How to Choose a Good Handyman in Sutherland Shire

Locating and working together using a superb do-it-yourself company in The Sutherland Shire is a fundamental section of home ownership. Companies may help you rapidly cut down more information on smallish house fix jobs, plus they’re able to additionally execute leading refurbishments which might be too-large to be dealt with by yourself. Your homework has been done […]

handyman sutherland shire Wooden Rocking Horse For Handymen in Sutherland

This sturdy, attractive toy is an ideal project to make and put by for Christmas. It is made from 6mm particleboard or plywood and 13mrn particleboard and allows you to try your artistic skills if you wish, in drawing the eyes, mane, tail and harness. Alternatively, the whole horse can be painted in bold colours. […]