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Some of the areas around your home that need regular lubrication are hinges, door locks, garage doors, windows, sliding door tracks. Some electric motors and appliances and tools for home and workshop. Assemble a basic kit of lubricants so you can do these jobs regularly. The items you will need are light household oil, powdered graphite, an all-purpose spray lubricant and rust inhibitor, petroleum jelly, silicon spray, and sometimes-penetrating oil. If any of your appliances call for a specific lubricant, add that to your collection.

If hinges squeak, spray lightly with silicone spray. If the hinges are rusty, spray with a water repellent rust inhibitor, leave for an hour or so then clean off with a cloth.

Swing doors should be lubricated with a little graphite or grease once a year.

Tracks of sliding doors can be lubricated with graphite or petroleum jelly.

An easy way to oil a door lock is by oiling the key, inserting it into the lock and working it a few times. Avoid using too much oil or it will run onto the door. Latches should also be oiled to keep them working smoothly without having to be slammed shut.

Wooden sash windows and sliding metal windows all have a tendency to stick now and again. Thoroughly clean then spray with a suitable dry lubricant. Allow the spray to dry then move the sash and spray the area previously covered by the sash.

Many modern motors are permanently lubricated and should only be oiled on manufacturer’s instructions. Motors with oiling holes or points require a few drops of light household oil at these points about every 3 months.

Kitchen appliances are probably best oiled with a vegetable oil where they come into contact with food.

Drawers will work more smoothly if you rub the edges and tracks with soap, a wax candle or spray with silicon spray.

Penetrating oil is used to-loosen rusted or “frozen” nuts and bolts. Pour or spray on the affected part and leave for a minute or two then tap to assist the oil to penetrate. You should then be able to loosen the nut with a wrench or pliers.

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