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When building Patios, not all paving has to be laid with mortar. A variety of modern paving materials is available for the handyman to lay without special skills or training.

The durability of the finished job depends on the sub base underneath. It should be firm and smooth, (N B. If the finished job is going to be subjected to heavy traffic, the sub-base must consist of concrete bedding and backing).

Any holes or soft areas should be filled with rubble bound with sand and rammed smooth. Soil should be excavated to the desired depth. Plastic sheets placed underneath will prevent weeds growing through. Un joined concrete slab or old roads are also suitable if sound, clean and the right level. As with all building projects, local council regulations should be observed.

Some kinds of edging boards are needed to stop the paving stones moving when walked over.

They are set out 1Omm above the planned finished height to allow for compaction. Then a layer of sand, screened smooth, is laid between the edgings. It should be clean and sharp. Allow for the thickness of the sand layer when working out the level of the paving. The sand should not be walked on after screeding to prevent it compacting unevenly. Only screed a short area of sand at a time.

Laying the blocks.

After screening the sand level, place the blocks on the un-compacted sand in the desired pattern. For example, make a herringbone pattern by alternating pairs of vertical and horizontal blocks. If the first course starts with a horizontal pair, start the course underneath with a vertical pair.

The first few rows of blocks must be placed with care to avoid moving the others already laid. Once several rows are in position you can work more quickly and firmly.

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Cutting edge pieces.

Once a good sized area has been laid, cut blocks to fit the edges using a block splitter or by sawing. Very small gaps less than 40mm are better filled with a 4,1 mix of sand and cement mortar

Materials you’ll need to build a Pergola or Patio:

  • Paving blocks
  • Clean, sharp sand
  • Wooden edging boards
  • Rubble filling if required

Tools you’ll need:

  • Tape measure
  • Block splitter or saw
  • Yard broom
  • Vibrating compactor (hired)

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