Lawn Maintenance and Garden Structures Tips

The garden shed has certainly come a long way. From being only a storage centre, and not a very glamorous one at that, a new breed has emerged. These good-looking steel or aluminium buildings are suitable for pool storage and as dressing sheds; for hobby workshops, and secure storage for all the accessories related to home and garden care.

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First, decide what purpose you have in mind for the building. This will help decide the size you need and the type of building. For example, a storage shed could do without windows, which are usually an optional extra. You may not even feel a proper floor is necessary, although it is probably a good idea. However, if the building is to be your workshop then you should look at the accessories available such as pre-painted steel floors, adjustable shelving and hopper windows. The keen gardener has, if anything, even more choice available. Greenhouse conditions can be created on whatever scale you require. The simplest may be a frame covered in shade cloth purchased by the metre. Elaborate hothouses can also be bought in kit form, usually comprising a quick-assembly frame and cover, which drapes and fastens over the frame. Whatever your choice of building, council permission should be obtained to erect it. Many councils have regulations regarding permissible height, positioning and even building materials which may be used in their municipality.

Points to keep in mind when deciding on a suitable garden structure are:

1. Location of the building. It should not be in an unsightly position, but should still have easy access both for yourself and for getting contents in and out. 2. Drainage – the building should not be in a depression where run-off from the house or pool can flood or float it. If possible, site the building on a slight rise. 3. Make sure the building will be large and roomy enough to fulfil its desired function. There is little use selecting a workshop then finding when you and the workbench are inside, one of you has to leave!

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