How to install a doorbell


Although there are doorbells, which are air operated, called manual doorbells, most are now operated by low voltage supplied from batteries or a transformer. They comprise a bell or chime unit located on an inside wall, usually near the door, a push-button outside on the door frame at about an adult’s chest-height, and twin bell wire connecting the two. Some doorbells come complete with everything you need to install them, others require you to supply the wiring, push button and fixings as extras. The choice of styles is very wide these days. Doorbells come in multi facet designs, with textured metal surfaces or ceramic tile inserts, or with long anodized metal chime tubes. Some chimes have a signal for one door only, others incorporate two different signals -one for the front, and one for another door.


How To install a Doorbell

1. Decide on the best location for the chime or bell unit. Chimes sound best when fixed in the hallway about 2m from the floor. Fix tube types away from droughts or places where people will keep brushing against them. Do not install the bell unit over radiant heat sources such as stove or radiator, or on the door itself where it will be subjected to vibration.

2 Remove the back from the bell or chime unit. It will usually pride apart with your fingers.

3. Measure out a length of twin bell wire long enough to travel between bell unit and push button. Leave some slack so it can be tucked away behind moldings or door-frame.

4. Attach the two ends of the wire to terminals in the bell unit and on the push button as directed by the manufacturer.

5. Mount both units in desired positions. Fix wiring out of sight with wiring nails or staples hammered into place every few centimeters.

6. Fit the number and size of batteries specified. Some doorbells can be fitted with an appropriate transformer if mains operation is desired. This reduces the mains power to a low voltage and makes the system safe. On no account should the doorbell be connected directly to the mains.

Material you’ll need:

  • Doorbell and instructions
  • Twin bell wire
  • Warring nails or staplers
  • Push button
  • Batteries or transformer
  • Antistatic cloth

Tools you’ll need:

  • Penknife
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer

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