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Garbage Cans.

Putting out the rubbish is nobody’s favorite job but at least it is being made easier with accessories such as a portable foldaway barrow designed to hold a full bin without stooping to lift it on. You just wheel it out effortlessly. Include the bin in weekly clean-ups by lining with plastic liner bags to keep it sanitary, and washing out once a week with hot detergent solution. The best tool for this is a long-handled sink or toilet brush with a teardrop shaped

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head for getting into corners. The bin should also have a lock-down lid to keep out stray dogs and cats.

Waste disposal units.

A garbage disposer is an electric grinding mechanism installed under the sink. You feed food scraps into it, turn on the water and electricity and it grinds the waste into tiny particles, which are flushed away down the drains (sewer or septic). Plumbing is straight-forward for a qualified plumber (it is probably not a do-it-yourself job). They can be fitted to most sinks, which have disposer-sized drains, but you must en­large the hole in an ordinary 50mm sink to take the disposer. Disposers can be used with septic tanks, provided any grease trap is bypassed first (a job for the plumber).

How to get out of a jam.

A jam in a disposer is usually caused when a metal object is accidentally dropped into it, causing the motor to switch off as a safety precaution.

To loosen the jam:
1. Ensure disposer is switched off.
2. Reach in and remove the object (there are no blades or knives in a disposer).
3. Insert a broom handle into the drain opening until it touches one of the raised projections on the shredding table. Pry one way then the other. If unsuccessful, call a serviceman. Some disposal units come with a special wrench and instructions for doing this job so check your owner’s manual first.
4. After the jam is freed, press the reset button and disposer is ready to work again.

Materials you’ll need:

• Garbage bin
• Plastic liner bags
• Owner’s manual

Tools you’ll need:

• Garbage trolley
• Long handled brush
• Disposer unit
• Plumber to install unit
• Broom handle or special wrench

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